Growing A Healthier Community

Connection & community impact is what drives this adventure for us!

Rachel is the Director of Health and Wellness at La Tribu. This is an after school program in Salinas Grandes. Her goal is to empower others to live healthier lives through swimming lessons, community yoga, health/wellness treatments, education on the importance of clean water, and health days at after school programs.

But, her vision is bigger than this; it’s not just healthier individuals but a healthier community.

Her vision is to create a space that inspires a healthier community.

The goal is

  • Build and open a health and wellness recreational center.

How is she currently serving the community?

  • Developing a swimming program. Empowering children through swimming. Teaching them swimming skills and basic water safety.
  • Creating jobs for young adults through training swim teachers.
  • Developing health and wellness programing for youth.
  • Orchestrating health and wellness activities for the women of Salinas Grandes.
  • Provide in-home treatment to individuals who live within the community of Salinas Grandes. The house call treatments include: massage, fascial stretching, mobility education and lifestyle choices to address chronic pain or other physical presentations.

Would you like to join the adventure in building a healthier community within the capacity that you can?

How can you get involved?